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This reality show is part of the Tyra Banks franchise for Latin America, where Mexican woman compete to become a top model. It is broadcast on Sony Entertainment Television. I worked as Junior Director of the show's first season, and I was in charge for directing the cast and camera crew on multicam segments for the show (photo-shoots and modeling lessons). I also monitored the interviews and the ongoing reality story inside the house. In the post-production process, I was responsible for supervising the content and the editing style of the episodes as Content Manager for the production company Boomdog Films.
We didn't have a life and the crew end up dating each other.
Photoshoot of Frida and Camouflage were my ideas :)

Client | Sony Entertainment Television
Production | Boomdog Films
Main Director of the show | Eneko Obieta
Segment Director | Aleja CM
Content Manager in Post | Aleja CM
Photography | Juan Monroy
Art Direction | Pedro Moreno