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Inspired on the anime Ghost in the Shell and rave parties, this is the trailer of my little film. The project started in a Rave Parade at Bologna - Italy in 2006. I had an old camcorder with me and started shooting the rave. Then I did some editing with those images and a futuristic video came out. The bar Frida in Milano lent me its place to shoot the rest with the actors and everyone around me helped. ☺
Art, Editor & Director | Aleja CM.
Producer | Valentina Bersiga.
Photography | Valeria Palermo.
Starring | Arianna Pezze, Valentina Bersiga, Gianfranco Bozzetto, Davide Lasala, Andrea Rigante, Clelia Fabbricatore.
Special Thanks | Frida Bar, Under Construction Srl. and Odette Florenzan.
Music | Aphex Twin - Ghost in the Shell, Nine Inch Nails - The Four of Us are Dying, Soda Stereo - Pasos, Timo Maas - To Get Down