Travel & Living Channel
> Interstitials videos

Travel & Living Channel ask me to produce from the concept, graphics, scripts, production and postproduction 4 shorts of 2 minutes to be aired in the middle of their programming. These videos are about unique experiences in Mexico City. Cause they are on air right now, ask me for the password to watch it!
Client | TLC ( Discovery Network)
Executive Production & Director | Aleja CM
Camera & Photo | Aldo Hernández
Scripts | Mauricio Sefaty & Roberto Irwin
Graphics | Tania Nuñez
Producers | Dulce Nevárez & Ricardo Mejia
Editing | Aldo Hernández, Álvaro Sánchez & Aleja CM
Asist & Props | El Five
Data Manager | Flor Leal
Audio | Cristian M
Stylist | Blanca Valenzuela
Makeup| Itzel Badillo & Bere Rosa
Gaffer | Israel Martínez
Asit. Camera | Jesús

Animal Planet
> Interstitials videos

In collaboration with Aileen Angulo we produce 8 shorts videos about the wonderful world of pets and animals in Mexico City. We also search and looked for the most interesting stories.

Here just 3 to watch!
Pinky: a mini pig as a wonderful pet!!
Taxidermy: an art that combines sculpture and painting.
Pet Central: a resort, hotel, spa, gym for dogs.
Client | Animal Planet ( Discovery Network)
Executive Production | Aleja CM & Aileen Angulo
Director & Photo | Aleja CM
Producer | Dulce Nevárez
Gaffer | Israel Martínez
Editing | Animal Planet
Data Manager | Flor
Audio | Rocca
Asit. | Jesús y Juan