Grey´s Anatomy
> On-Air Campaign

I am a big fan of Greys Anatomy, so I loved this project! We designed 5 diaries: each one with a specific style of the character, like it was their real diaries. Then each page had content and details of their lives, thoughts and quotes of them during the 12th seasons. The channel loved the result and asked us to make two more copies to be singed by the actors.

I am so happy and grateful to win with this project a SILVER PROMAX GLOBAL EXCELLENCE 2017!!!
Client | Sony Entertainment Television
Scrip | SONY
Executive Producer | Director & DP | Aleja CM
Line Producer | Oscar Pineda
Art | Lalo Santoyo, Pascale, Alina Perez, Chocorrol.
Color | Rod Santoyo C.S.I.
Editing |Aleja CM