BBC London Calling
> On-Air Branding

BBC Latinoamerica commissioned us to create a new brand identity for a their prime time programming block: London Calling.
They ask us to create ideas that combine the latin culture with the British style. So we decided to keep it simple, with iconic elements of both culture and a minimalist art set combining the British colour palette.
The identity include: Id opener, Id closer, endpages and singles Ids of each character
Client | BBC Latin America
Executive Production & Director | Aleja CM
Photo | Aldo Hernández
Scripts | Caque Armas
Graphic design | Tania Nuñez
Animation | Organika
Props | Studio 7
Sound Design | Chaliwa Studio

IDs London Calling
> On-Air Branding


BBC Hot Nights
> On-Air Promo

BBC Hot Nights! to promote a segment of BBC programming for the Latino audience.

Client: BBC Latin America
Agency & Editing: El Ejemplar
Production & Director: Aleja CM
DP: Aldo Hernandez
Art Director: Fernando Bautista
Line Producer: Ivan Jorge
Music: Chaliwa Studio